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D2 - Business Development

Passport to Portugal and associates have over 30 years experience in corporate structures and fiscal planning both in Portugal and internationally. This experience will be deployed to assist applicants electing to take the D2 - Business Development Route.

The creation of an economic base and business activity in Portugal allows for 5 years temporary residency in Portugal with eligibility for permanent residency and / or citizenship in 5 years.

For the purposes of the Business Development route to residency, investment into the country via the creation of a Portuguese company is the soundest option.

If you:

  • Own your own business
  • Have business interests in Europe or Portugal
  • Have the ability to make ongoing investment and or inter-company transactions

You are in a position to benefit from this route!

The cornerstone is the development of a corporate structure and economic activity. Passport to Portugal and its associates will not only assist with the initial set up but ongoing management by 7Winds Consulting will help establish a working relationship and, potentially lucrative business opportunities within the EU and your home country.

The stipulated regulations for the business development route to residency are somewhat more stringent than the Golden Visa route in terms of presence in Portugal and maintaining economic activity.

Contact us now for full details and see whether this route is appropriate for you.